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Hello! My name is Victoria Atencio, I am the creative eye behind Peak Pixel Photo. A photographer who loves to capture peak moments, including weddings, family photos, concerts, senior portraits, and beauty of all kinds. Currently located in Colorado Springs, CO but I am always up for an adventure! Taking photos not only brings me joy but it lets me share my creative talents, and passion with others. I am thankful for the relationships, and business that I have been able to create, and provide others with through photography. I would love to create something beautiful for you!

"Victoria is very energetic and makes photoshoots fun! Her creativity is phenomenal! She is a wonderful photographer and I would recommend her to everyone." - Lauren B.

"Victoria did an amazing job with me and my sisters! She captured joy and goofiness and was great to work with!" - Alexa U.

IMG_1456 copy.JPG

"Visionary, calm, confident, quick, and talented!
As someone who doesn't always feel confident in my own skin, I appreciated the confident nature Victoria had when taking my photos." - Julie M.

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